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Spooky castle is a funny interactive and cooperative game for kids played in real-time. The player with the mask is unable to see and needs the help of her friends to find the right items in the castle and complete the tasks before the time runs out. The set up is variable, choose the dificulty level by your self. How to play:...
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Dragon valley is a cooperative dexterity game where you have to use the magic wands to get the cute little dragon babies and land them safely in the dragon valley before the grumpy wizard gets back to his mage tower. To succeed the players have to cooperate skillfully because they win together or lose all together. How to...
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Bohemian Villages is full of shops, churches and buildings. Inhabit them and make the most of any business thinkable in a village. Tactics and strategy are crucial in this game and luck and fun factor is guaranteed by dice rolling. How to play:
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Go on a mystical adventure, working in tandem with your fellow heroes to defend Andor from invading hordes.
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The end is coming! Can you save the earth? A cooperative game for fearless players. 
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