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The semi cooperative game for up to 12 players

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After becoming shipwrecked, a group of castaways found themselves on a desert island. At first, the surroundings seem like paradise, but life soon proves difficult. With a shortage of food and water, not everyone will survive. The only solution is to build a raft together and escape the island, and quickly - a hurricane is coming! During the game, players will search for food and water to survive, and wood to build the raft. Every round, the group will have to consume food and water. If there is ever not enough, players vote for the player who doesn't get to eat and that player is eliminated. At the end of the game the players who manage to leave the island win, assuming anyone lives that long...

A co-operative game...until the food is gone.

Data sheet

Minimum number of players3
Maximum number of players12
Duration20 min
Luck FactorSome luck
DesignerPhilippe Gamelin