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A 2 player game. Compete as rival nomadic tribes for control of desert trade routes

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In Targi, you play as the leader of a Tuareg tribe, living in the Sahara desert. Your job is to make your tribe as prosperous as possible by trading goods, such as dates and pepper, to gain gold and other advantages. In Targi the desert is represented by 25 cards laid out in a 5x5 grid. On your turn you place your Targi figures on cards at the outside edge of the desert and perform the actions on those cards, and also the card in the middle located at the crossroads point between your figures.

You will need to make sure you get the right goods and trade with the trader before your opponent does. But watch out! The desert is a dangerous place - robbers and rival tribes also want your goods. The shifting sands of the desert also bring new choices each round. So plan carefully if you want to win.


  • 80 game cards
  • 6 Targi figures
  • 1 robber figure
  • 4 tribe markers
  • 30 goods tokens
  • 8 gold tokens
  • 15 victory point tokens
  • 1 starting player token
  • 1 rulebook

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players2
Duration60 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerAndreas Steiger