Catan: Explorers & Pirates

MFG 3069

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The most complex, extensive expansion available for Settlers of Catan! Both land and sea must be conquered to win this game, a task only a true master is capable of!

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You will truly have to be a master of both land and sea to excel at this game. Fight pirates everywhere you go, carry settlers, crew and settlements across seas to uncharted territory, and reap the rewards of being the first to discover new territory! Establishing an expansive base to become unstoppable!

Explorers & Pirates has 5 scenarios, each of which builds upon the previous. Complete your missions first, conquer land and sea, and build your empire to epic proportions unlike any other Settlers of Catan game!


  • Components
  • 16 harbor settlements (wood)
  • 32 adventurers (wood)
  • 12 ships (wood)
  • 8 settlers (wood)
  • 12 markers (wood double cubes)
  • 4 pirate ships (wood)
  • 6 fish(wood)
  • 24 spice sacks (wood cubes)
  • 76 gold coins (die cut)
  • 12 frame pieces
  • 6 gold field hexes
  • 6 fish shoal hexes
  • 6 spice hexes
  • 6 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (green backs)
  • 6 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (orange backs)
  • 6 pirate lair tokens
  • 3 mission cards
  • 3 mission victory point cards
  • 4 building cost cards

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players4
Duration90 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerKlaus Teuber