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Princes of Florence

Princes of Florence

RGG 168

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Undertake worldly pursuits by attracting artists and scholars to your family in order to gain power.

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In The Princes of Florence players have 7 rounds to gain as many victory points as possible. Victory points are gained by playing profession cards in order to gain work points. Each building, landscape feature and social freedom in a player's palace benefits most from certain types of workers, so choosing the right profession cards maximizes their value. If enough work points are generated each round, work points can then be used to garner cash and/or victory points.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game board
  • 5 player boards
  • 30 Buildings (University, Laboratory, Workshop, Library, Opera, Studio, Hospital, Theater, Tower, Chapel)
  • 18 Landscapes (Forest, Lake, Park)
  • 12 Freedoms rectangular tiles (Travel, Religion, Opinion)
  • 6 Builders tiles
  • 7 Jesters tiles
  • 21 Profession cards
  • 14 Prestige cards
  • 20 Bonus cards
  • 5 Recruiting cards)
  • Currency
  • 6 figures (5 scoring figures, 1 starting player figure)
  • 6 markers (5 player markers, 1 round marker)

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players5
Duration90 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerWolfgang Kramer
DesignerJens Christopher Ulrich
DesignerRichard Ulrich