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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

RGG 495

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Dominate the markets of Cinque Terre, selling the most and best produce and gaining popularity in this beautiful coastal region!

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In the beautiful Cinque Terre, marketplaces abound. Players are charged with raising the best produce to sell at the markets, thus gaining riches, popularity, and most importantly supplying the region with great food! There are many ways to earn points in Cinque Terre. There are private orders designated for each player as well as public orders that can be fulfilled by anyone. Players can also compete for popularity in each village to gain bonus points.

Each turn consists of 3 actions where players move their cart, draw a produce card, harvest produce, or deliver produce. Manage your turns carefully in order to fulfill your orders first! When one player completes five public orders, everyone gets one more turn and then the game is finished. Any private orders yet unfulfilled count against a player's total score.


  • 1 game board
  • 16 dice (2 each in 8 produce colors)
  • 5 wooden Produce Carts (1 each in 5 player colors: pink, light blue, dark blue, black, brown)
  • 16 starting Orders
  • 80 Produce Orders
  • 5 Most Popular Vendor Cards
  • 80 Produce cards
  • 5 Fullfillment Cards (1 each in 5 player colors)
  • 5 scoring markers (1 each in 5 player colors)
  • 128 wooden produce pieces (16 cubes in each of 8 produce colors)
  • cloth bag
  • rulebook

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players5
Duration60 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerChris Handy