Mr Jack London - 10 years edition

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Thai, English, Khmer, Malay instructions inside the box. One player takes the role of investigator and tries to discover the guilty suspect. The other player takes the role of Mr. Jack and wants to keep the suspect hidden. Great deduction game for two players.

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Thai, English, Khmer, Malay instructions inside the box. 10 years anniversary edition.

Mr. Jack is a two – player deduction game. One of the players takes the role of Mr. Jack, the unknown person, and the other player takes the role of the detective. Both players are moving the character tokens around the board and this means that detective might move Mr. Jack person around without knowing it. Mr. Jack is eluding the detection throughout the game while trying to escape the board unseen. The characters are depicted on the tokens with different colors and they are seen when placed next to each other. The characters are also seen if placed next to one of the street lanterns which are removable during the game. So the character is unseen a long as it is placed next to no one and not within the light source.

In the beginning of the game Mr. Jack draws one of the character cards and keeps it secret. The rest of the Characters are placed face down beside the board for the further use during the game. The game is played over series of eight turns. The detective has to identify Mr. Jack before the end of the eight turn. If Jack manages to stay unidentified or escape the board during the game he wins. The character discs are laid out on to the board and four character cards are revealed each turn. The detective may choose first one of the four cards taking the action, then Mr. Jack gets to choose two characters making two consecutive moves and finally the last card goes to the detective followed by a final move. When every body is moved for the turn Mr. Jack has to say whether he is seen or unseen. Whatever the answer the seen / unseen card is flipped to the right side. If Mr. Jack says that he is unseen the detective knows that all of the seen characters are not Mr. Jack and he may exclude them. They get flipped to the gray side and possible suspects are narrowed down to a less number of characters. During the game in the first four turns one lantern gets removed making it easier for Jack to stay unseen and beside that increasing the probability of more unseen characters on the board. If the detective thinks that he knows who the Jack is he can accuse the character on the board by moving a piece on the top of it. If he accuses the right suspect he wins the game, if not he loses.

The Jack may also win the game by escaping the board unseen.

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players2
Duration30 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerBruno Cathala