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Orcs Orcs Orcs

Orcs Orcs Orcs


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Be a mage and cast spells on the orcs, squash as many of them and win the tournament and become the most skillful mage in the realms.

Hoe to play:

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Components of the game:

1 tower

1 game board

72 creature tokens

76 bases 4 mage tokens

4 trophy boards

34 wooden cubes

32 start spells

40 spell cards 8 mission cards

15 fate cards

14 poison cards 

1 scoring track

4 reference cards

1 rulebook

1 supplement

Set-up of the game:

Place the game board in the center. Put the towers in the center of the game board and face the number side of the towers in the same direction as the number side in the game board.

Put the poison cards in a pile face up and keep them in the box for the cards. Shuffle the fate cards and put them face down on the box for the card. Separate the spell cards and shuffle them separately, put them face down and reveal top three cards from each pile.

Sort 6 different creatures by their type and keep them next to the board. put one white cube in the first space below each creature. Reveal 2 creature markers on each path and the tokens on the outer section on the path.

For 2 players use 8 markers per path 

For 3 players use 10 markers per path

For 4 player use 12 markers per path

Each player gets 1 mage and all the cubes and the starting spell cards for their respective mage and 1 trophy board and a reference card.

How to play the game:

Reveal 1 fate card for the round. The starting player does his/her action which consists of 3 phases 

    Reveal creature markers

    Perform action

    Draw new spells

Game ends when at least 4 paths are cleared of any creature markers.



Data sheet

LanguageMultilingual / no in game text
Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players4
Duration45 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerFrank Thyben