Pandemic: In the Lab Expansion

ZMG 71102

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New scenarios and possibilities abound in this expansion. Play as rival teams or even solo and take on diseases that threaten the human race in this expanded version of the award-winning Pandemic!

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The Pandemic: In The Lab expansion set takes this fan favorite game to a whole new level. New role cards, events and strategies change the entire landscape of fighting disease! Taking samples to the lab to test them and develop cures also adds a new element to the game. This version also allows you to play with as many as 6 players, and divide into rival teams. Now you're competing against just more than the clock. Cooperation is still of the utmost importance... unless of course you play solo, in which case it's all on you!


• 4 new role cards

• 3 new event cards

• 1 laboratory

• 5 cure vials

• 14 sequence cards

• 2 revised role cards with lab abilities

• 5 lab actions reference cards

• 1 CDC card

• 3 team research stations

• 14 awards

• 8 goal cards

• 2 virulent strain epidemic cards

• 12 purple disease cubes

• 2 mutation worldwide panic cards

Data sheet

Minimum number of players1
Maximum number of players6
Duration45 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerMatt Leacock, Thomas Lehmann