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In order to get the chapels and frescoes painted the merchants of the Ligurian Sea need to find the most precious and rare color pigments. With their boats they sale away to the islands and other harbors using their trading skills as well as soldiers and diplomats to fulfill the contracts they sealed with bishops. How to play:

1,920.00 ฿


2,400.00 ฿ tax incl.

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Liguria is the game that takes place around the Mediterranean where players are collecting pigments which are needed to create the paint for frescoes of the chapels. Every player has a fleet and has to go out from his harbor to collect the pigments and bring them back to his home city. There are a couple of ways how to collect them and earn points. You may collect the goods from other players harbor, by conquering the islands with soldiers or using diplomatic ways with your ministers. Building settlements will also help to climb on the score board. If you manage to collect enough pigments, the artists will be able to paint fresco and you will fulfill the contract with the clerics which gives you extra prestige points.

Data sheet

LanguageMultilingual / no in game text
Minimum number of players3
Maximum number of players4
Duration60 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerAlessandro Zucchini