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Spooky Castle

Spooky Castle


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Spooky castle is a funny interactive and cooperative game for kids played in real-time. The player with the mask is unable to see and needs the help of her friends to find the right items in the castle and complete the tasks before the time runs out. The set up is variable, choose the dificulty level by your self. How to play:

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The game is about the Spooky the little ghost who wants to grow up. Before that he has to complete some tasks by collecting the items from the castle. There is a variety of the task tiles which have to be fulfilled throughout the game. The player with the mask becomes the Spooky, takes the magic wand and puts it to the board. Then he starts to walk in one direction and all other players are giving him clues how to find the items the ghost needs. Spooky wiggles his way through the labyrinth until he finds the disc which will magnetically adhere to the wand. Now the friends have to help him to get all the way back to the place he has started from. If the wrong disc with the ghost on it adhere to the stick, this ghost has to be accompanied to the next exit and this costs some time. Remember the clock is running down and everybody plays against the time. The number of times players may use one of the exits to dispose a ghost is determined by the ghost tiles which get flipped every time the ghost is brought to this exit. Once the starting player has completed the task the mask and the magic wand are passed to the next player. All players have to finish the tasks before the time runs out. So you all win the game or lose the game together. The set up of the game is very variable. You may choose at the beginning how many task and ghost tiles you want to use as well as the length of the games.

Data sheet

LanguageMultilingual / no in game text
Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players4
Duration20 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerWolfgang Dirscherl