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Resistance: Avalon Expansion

Resistance: Avalon


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Good and Evil battle for control of the future of the world in this game of social deduction!

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King Arthur's forces have been infiltraded by Mordred's minions. Cards are dealt to determine which players are on each side. King Arthur's forces are tasked with completing each mission as it arises, while Mordred's minions must sneakily sabotage the missions. The all seeing Merlin, a wizard on the side of King Arthur, knows which players represent the evil Mordred, but he must be cautious and attempt to inform his team in subtle, indirect ways, for if the minions discover who Merlin is, all hope is lost.


26 cards (57x88mm):

  • 14 characters
  • 10 quests (5 success, 5 fails)
  • 2 loyalty cards


  • 5 team tokens
  • 20 voting tokens (10 approved, 10 rejected)
  • 5 scoring tokens
  • 1 turn token
  • 1 "loot" token
  • 1 "election" token
  • 1 "Lady of the Lake" token

3 score boards

1 rule book

The Restistance: Avalon is a standalone game, but can be combined with the original resistance deck for expanded gameplay.

Data sheet

Minimum number of players5
Maximum number of players10+
Duration30 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
DesignerDon Eskridge