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Bim Bamm!

Bim Bamm!


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Collect your secret animal in this tile based game, but be ready to pounce, there may be others after your animal too!

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Bim Bamm! is a tile game in which 16 tiles with an animal on both sides are placed in a 4x4 grid. Players each take one card each which tells them which animal they must collect in order to win. Turn-by-turn tiles are flipped over, each player waiting eagerly until they see 5 of their animal. When they do they must think fast and shout 'Bim Bamm!' before someone else with the same animal does so. The first player to pounce on their animal gets the card. The first player to 3 cards wins!

This is a great recognition and reaction game for children and adults alike.


• 16 Double-sided tiles
• 15 Animal cards
• Rules

Data sheet

LanguageGerman, English
Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players5
Duration10 min
Luck FactorSome luck