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Collect animals and their food to keep them well fed and create a fun filled farm!

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In Charly players collect animal cards and food cards. Each player begins with honey drops and a hand of cards. The pigs will eat just about anything and can even steal food from opponents, but the rest of the animals are choosy and will only eat their favorite food. Players must attempt to match their animals to their favorite foods by discarding and drawing new cards. If they don't have the right food to feed their pets, they will have to use precious honey drops instead! The player with the most honey drops left when all the food has run out wins!

This game is perfect for your young ones to learn matching and very light strategy.


• Animal cards

• Food cards

• Honey drops

• Rulebook

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players6
Duration20 min
Luck FactorSome luck