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Port Royal

Port Royal Thai English Version

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Thai / English rules included. Go down to the harbor of Port Royal to make deals, trade with ships and hire workers.  How to play:

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Players try to make as much money as they can which can then be used to buy Person Cards that help you with their special abilities to be the first player to get 12 Victory Points.

The backsides of the cards are used as coins while the front side of the cards are used in the game to build up your game.  On a turn, a player draws as many cards as he likes, one at a time from the deck, placing them in the harbor (an area near the deck). The cards depict different things:

  • Person, who stays in a face-up row next to deck.
  • Ship, which the player can attack immediately if he has enough swords on his people cards, after which the ship is discarded; otherwise, the ship stays in the harbor.
  • Expedition, which remains above the harbor until a player fulfills it by discarding people who have the items required for the expedition.
  • Tax Increase, which forces everyone with twelve or more coins to discard half their money, after which the card is discarded.

If the player draws two ships of the same color his turn goes bust and he has to discard all opened cards without being able to buy any cards or sell any cards or get income from any ship. A player can also decide to stop drawing cards whenever he deems it better not to further push his luck and start the trading phase.. Players rob ships, collecting the number of coins shown on them, then discarding the card, while they hire people, paying the number of coins depicted. After the active player took his card(s) each other player may pay the active player one coin in order to take one card in the same way.

When one player has at least twelve influence points — which are on both people and expedition cards — the game is played to the end of the round, giving everyone the same number of turns, then the player with the most influence points wins.

The players in Port Royal, which won the Austrian Game Designers Competition are trading and scheming in the Caribbean Sea.

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players5
Duration30 min
Luck FactorSome luck
DesignerAlexander Pfister