Ultimate Werewolf - 68 Players


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Secret identities. Some players are werewolves eliminating the innocent villager one by one every night. A seer trying to figure out other players identities. Deception, fear and a lot of fun for 5  to 68 players!

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Ultimate Werewolf is a game for 5 to 68 players. Every player draws a secret identity card. The game is played with one person being the gamemaster/storyteller.

The story evolves over a couple of days and nights. Each night Werewolves wake up, kill somebody and other characters who have special abilities are trying to gather information to use during the discussion at daytime when all players have to vote on who they think might be a werewolf and who might be innocent. 

This is the newest edition (2014) of the base game.

Ultimate Werewolf, a new edition of the award-winning, best-selling werewolf title from Bézier Games, has been reimagined to allow new players to quickly get up and running, with a larger box, totally rewritten and simplified rules, and a guide for the included roles. With all-new art and a great new card design, it's the perfect way to introduce groups of 5-68 people to Werewolf.

Data sheet

Minimum number of players5
Maximum number of players10+
Duration30 min
Luck FactorSome luck
DesignerTed Alspach