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Jungle Speed

Jungle Speed


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Focus and reflex replace strategy and planning in this fast paced, nerve racking card game that will have your heart racing in seconds!

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Players are each dealt a hand of cards to be played one at a time.

Each round players put down 1 card, and any 2 players who put down identical cards must grab the solitary totem in the middle of the table. Whoever gets the totem first hands their cards off to the slower opponents, so make sure you're quick to the draw! Still other cards dictate every player grab, so you must be on your toes at all times. But be careful, grabbing the totem when no matching cards have been put down would be a grave mistake. Whoever is able to empty their hand first is the victor.

Fun fact: this game was invented by the Aboulou Tribe hailing from Eastern Trisopotamia some 3,000 years ago, and was used to determine how much food each warrior would eat after a big hunt. Luckily for you the stakes aren't so high... but once you get into it they might feel that way!


• 1 totem

• 1 satchel

• 80 cards of various types

• 1 rulebook

Data sheet

Minimum number of players2
Maximum number of players8
Duration10 min
Luck FactorNo luck
DesignerPierrick Yakovenko