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Alhambra Card Game

Alhambra Card Game


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Alhambra: The Card Game Version of the award-winning game Alhambra. How to play:

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Basically like Alhambra the board game but you do not have to deal with spatial orientation, building a game board in front of you. Set up : Start with a stack of building cards and put it aside the board. Than take a stack of money cards, shuffle and split it into five equal sized stacks. The scoring cards A and B are shuffled into the second and fourth stack respectively. Than stack everything together without shuffling and put it on the other side of the board. Every player gets the money cards until they show twenty or more. It is important to know how many cards a players get in the beginning. The player with lowest number of money cards starts. Then the the cards with the buildings and the money cards are revealed and set into display. Once done you are ready to go.

Data sheet

Minimum number of players3
Maximum number of players6
Duration45 min
Luck FactorSome luck
DesignerJo Hartwig
DesignerReinhard Horst