THE FINAL: Thailand Catan Championship 2015

This is the FINAL.
24 to 30 Catan Lovers have been qualified and they will all compete in a one day final tournament to decide, who will be the 2015 Catan Championship Thailand Winner.
Prices for the winner:
- Fame
- Glory
- Immortality
- Eternal youth
- Free flight to the USA, Colorado for the World Championship where the Thai Champion gets,
- a ticket to join.
- Free accomodation during the event
- A sealed copy of Catan, signed by the designer himself: Klaus Teuber.
Perils for the winner:
- If you don't score at least one point for Thailand (which would be the first point ever) in the World Championship all time country ranking i.e. be at least 32nd place out of the 64 contestants..... well,
we will tell the Thai Airport officials to not let you back into the country. ;-) Seriously ;-)