Retail discount system

  1. Create an account 
  2. Be sure to add an address. 
  3. Tell us that you are a store (not online seller) and want to be a retailer by mail, please also send pictures of your store to

After this all is done, we will change your account into a business account.

After logging in with your business account. you will see special discounts on all games. Payment with Bank Wire or Paypal or Credit Card.

For games that are in stock:
Please create one order with only games in stock and after payment we send them to you all over Thailand free with normal post or EMS for 90 baht extra.

For games that are out of stock:
Please create an order with games that are out of stock to preorder and we will get them for you as fast as possible.
You only pay when the games have arrived.

Minimum order quantity: No minimum order quantity