General Terms and Conditions

for Ninive Games Co.,Ltd., 214/14 Nakornchai Villa, A. Muang, P. Chaiyaphum, 36000 Chaiyaphum, Thailand


§1 Generals

Ninive Games,  sells board games to customers. As far as these general terms and conditions do not contain any other rule, the statutory rules shall be applicable for the contract.

§2 Orders

Our website shall inform about the conditions of our goods. The description and demonstration of our items shall not display an offer of sale, moreover it is a non-binding demand to order goods in our shop. The customer declares his will to conclude an act of sale by ordering. We will approve the receipt of your order immediately. This approval demonstrates the aceptance of your offer to contract.

§3 Shipment and delivery

Delivery time is 2 days to 10 days after payment was received. Delivery in Thailand is free, however Ninive Games reserves the right to charge for a shipment in specials cases. For reasonable partial delivery Ninive Games pays the delivery costs.

All prices are end prices which VAT is included and deductable by companies.

§4 Conditions of Payment, Reservation of Proprietary Rights

The delivery of goods occures only for goods payed in advance. In principle we do not have the items in stock otherwise a customer will not be able to order it. In the case that a customer orders an item that is shown as 'in stock' but actually is out of stock, Ninive Games reserves the right to cancel the order and will inform the customer about the cancelment. All Proprietary Rights are reserved for Ninive Games until we received the payment for all ordered goods.

§5 Severability

The nullity of any of the provisions herein shall affect neither the validity of the Agreement as such nor the validity of these General Terms and Conditions. An invalid or unaccomplishable provision will be replaced by the valid or accomplishable provision, that is in its effect most applicable with regard to the economic aim, which was tried to reach with the invalid or unaccomplishable provision by both contractual partners.