Dixit: Odyssey 12 players


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This new version of Dixit is a total standalone game for up to 12 players, but can be combined with other versions of Dixit to add to the fun!

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Dixit is a game of wit. Players must choose a word or phrase that describes a card in their hand, and opponents must choose a card from their's that matches that word. Players then guess which was the original card. Make your card too easy or too hard to guess and watch your opponents race ahead of you! You can also gain points by guessing the correct cards of your opponents, and by throwing people off with cards of your own during your opponents' turns!

Dixit is a unique game that requires players to think creatively and tests their imagination. Great fun for family, friends and at parties! The beautifully illustrated fantasy themed cards bring out the story lover in everyone!

Data sheet

Minimum number of players3
Maximum number of players12
Duration30 min
Luck FactorA bit of luck
Designer Jean-Louis Roubira