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Trade in Southeast Asia and become the richest player!

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In Batavia players are traders during the times of the East Indian trading companies from England, Holland, Sweden, France, and Denmark. 
Batavia which is nowadays known as Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia was most important harbor / trading post of the Dutch East India Company on Java.

The players are traders, who visit the trading posts of the five East India companies all over Asia.
At every station you can purchase different goods. But it is rather difficult to get a passage to the trading post that you want to visit.

Every turn, these cards will be auctioned off, according to a special method, where there are only winners: the highest bidder gets all the offered cards but divides the money he paid equally among the others.

The one who is able to travel to the trading posts with the most lucrative goods will be able to procure the best wares for himself and get the most gold for them at game's end.

Data sheet

Minimum number of players3
Maximum number of players5
Duration60 min
Luck FactorSome luck
Designer Grzegorz Rejchtman
DesignerDan Glimne